Audio Podcasts

Adapting to Hearing Aids:

Audiology Certification and New Technology

Taking Care of your Hearing Aid during Summer Months:

Interview with Patient Robby Reed

Audigy Group

General Hearing Loss Issues and How Hearing Loss relates to the Brain

Attorney John Hofrichter Interview

Hearing Loss in Children:

Hearing and The Weather

Back to School Show:

Hearing Loss and The Brain- Show 2—Fall Show

Who Needs Hearing Aids

Making Sure your Hearing Aid Fits Correctly:


Consumer Reports Study on Fitting Hearing Aids:

How Speech Relates to Hearing Loss

Brain Atrophy- Dr Triplett

Better Speech and Hearing Month

What Does it mean to be Certified in Audiology

Here are a few short form tips that were also recorded:

Hearing Tip-tinnitus

Hearing Tip–Avoid Loud Sounds

Hearing Tip–General Practice Info